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Group Print Show

Curated by Stephanie Jane Rampton

12 February - 3 March 2013
Opening Tuesday 12 February, 6-8pm

To be opened by Marco Luccio

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T J Bateson, Paul Compton, Louise Einfeld, Maria Galanis, Zoe Geyer, Jodi Heffernan, Anita Iacovella, Kyoko Imazu, Chris Ingham, Freya Jobbins, Sheridan Jones, Damon Kowarsky, Larissa MacFarlane, Ellie Malin, Greg Neville, Issy Oddie, Kirsten Perry, Stephanie Jane Rampton, Lisa Sewards

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The prints in this exhibition showcase the talents of 19 artists and the diversity of the printmaking medium. You will see examples of etching, drypoint, aquatint, monotype, collograph and relief printing. In some cases, several techniques have been combined to create the final finished image.
Despite the diversity of the images, and the techniques used to create them, all these artists possess, like Alice, one thing in common: they live through the looking glass and have learned to see the world in reverse.

As well as being artists, printmakers need to be scientists (or perhaps alchemists!), bringing together, as they do, their creative vision along with the technical knowledge necessary to practice their craft.

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Printmakers need to be patient types; there are no instant results. Plates have to be prepared, drawings made, plates etched in acid, redrawn, re-etched (possibly several times), and all this before the maker sees what they have created. Pulling the first proof is always an exciting moment when the mirror image is finally revealed.
As evident in this show, no two artists making prints will achieve their results in the same way. Printmaking is a collaboration of art and artist. Serendipity frequently comes into play: thankfully, printmakers are always willing to share the secrets discovered through these happy accidents!

Editions celebrates the artist and the art and is a pertinent and fabulous launch of the re-opening of Tacit Contemporary Art in its new premises with five gallery spaces.

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