A collective exhibition presented by The Short List

12 February - 3 March 2013
Opening Tuesday 12 February, 6-8pm

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Adele Henderson, Alexandra Hamilton, Anna Hatzsavas, Brian Cheung, Caitlin Parkinson, Cassandra Faye Lucas, Cassie Brock, Dean Gordon, Elise Andrews, Fee Saxby, James Oates, Justin Bedford, Kate Scally, Kelly Felton, Lizzie Mai, Olivia York, Petra O’Donoghue, Rachel Horgan, Ralph Alexander, Renee Yvonne de Valle, Tara Nangia, Tiffany Hallett, Yiannis Micha

“The Short List Collective, having made its debut as It’s Weird, OK! at 69 Smith St in 2011, has expanded for one main reason. There lies in all of us a deep fascination and appreciation for both art and design that is seen in both a gallery space and in the public realm.

As young and emerging Graphic Designers, we are highly interested in experimenting, fiddling and influencing the fundamentals of our learning career to date.


We have hand picked twenty-five artist/designers who are all very unique in their practice. Our collective is distinctive because of the many individuals that have prided themselves on being able to work as a group, in collaborations and singularly. Having all graduated the same year from university, The Short List is an extremely tight-knit group who share the same values in the art and design world. One of our main goals for this proposal for an exhibition is to be able to blur the lines between design context and gallery.

The name of our exhibition is called Type-Cast and it requires each group member to create a piece/pieces relating to the phrase “This IS a real job.” The exhibition will focus on Typography in the form of digital media, sculpture, painting, drawing and silk-screen printing.

Each of the group members’ work both compliments and clashes with the next artists work, creating a space that imitates our daily scenery of design on top of design on top of design.

However, when structured into a gallery space, this gives the audience time to stop and look at one design, one artwork at a time, there is no longer a rush to see the next poster or the next tram signage, viewers are encouraged to stop and look and appreciate what we do in a space where they are free to move around at their own pace.
The phrase “This IS a real job” is open to a number of creative jobs. We feel that people can be very sceptical of our skills as artists and designers and there are still large portions of people in other professional industries that seem to not take our job as Graphic Designers seriously.

In fact, there is a large portion of people who do not understand what Graphic Design is at all which is most disturbing as it is our job to facilitate communication between a company or body of people to the public.

Typography and language is an enormous part of our lives, we see it on print, television, and in public spaces and on public transport, The Short List Collective will capture the essence and the soul of graphic design in Type-Cast and share the love and joy of what might seem like the simplest object, such as a word or even just a single letter.”
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