Cemetery of Objects

From Memory

Bernadette Boundy, Sally D'Orsogna, Cathy Hayward, Greg Neville & Margot Sharman


2 - 20 August 2017

Opening Wednesday 2 August, 6.30-8pm

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From memory we source different worlds; to escape, to seek solace, to create and rediscover long-lost treasures. Memories join us to innocence, tainted often by mildew and time. Overlooked and neglected objects, once revered, gather dust and shine to only those few who may recall their glory days. Seemingly bland spaces fill with contemplation and inspiration drawn from experience. Recollections of once-loved things fit into our current surrounds, twisted, abstracted - even if unreliable or just repeated − offering us sense, youth, comfort, nostalgia and perspective.

From Memory is a series of photographic essays by a group of friends who come together to exhibit once a year to support and push their creative instincts.

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