Chromatopia - A History of Colour

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31 May - 18 June 2017

Opening Wednesday 31 May, 6.30-8pm

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Samara Adamson-Pinczewski (Australia), Irene Barberis (Australia), T J Bateson (Australia), Louise Blyton (Australia), Richard Bottwin (USA), Jimmy Chrome (Australia), Peter D Cole (Australia), Kevin Finklea (USA), Connie Goldman (USA), Brent Hallard (Australia), Jeanne Heifetz (USA), Euan Heng (Australia), Ruth Hiller (USA), Suzie Idlens (Australia), Ash Keating (Australia), Emma Langridge (Australia), Simon Leah (Australia), Tom Loveday (Australia), Joanne Mattera (USA), James Austin Murray (USA), Munira Naqui (USA), Debra Ramsay (USA), Margaret Rarru (Australia), Michelangelo Russo (Australia), Marlene Sarroff (Australia), Peter Summers (Australia), Wilma Tabacco (Australia), Jim Thalassoudis (Australia), George Ward Tjungurrayi (Australia), Richard van der Aa (France), Don Voisine (USA) & Ian Wells (Australia)

Tales of dragons and beetles, alchemy and poisons, slaves and pirates from the ancient world to the present come alive in this exhibition on colour's creation. This voyage of discovery features pigments made from deadly metals, poisonous minerals, bodily waste, crushed insects and predatory sea snails. Colours dug simply from the ground beneath us, others so expensive that only kings and popes could afford them.
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Within Chromatopia, see the living process of historical colour manufacture in action. And if that's not enough, the new world of strange modern colours that only reveal themselves when touched, that are invisible in sunlight or shine in the dark.
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Along with the insights into the making of colour and the raw pigment sitting alongside the beloved artists' paint, Louise Blyton has curated an exhibition featuring 30 international artists showcasing pure colours. Each artwork celebrates an individual colour from the pigments featured in Chromatopia.

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