Something in Nothing in Particular

Donna Malone & Roy Wilkins

3 - 27 November 2010
Opening Tuesday 3 November, 6-8pm

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Donna Malone

“I have always responded to life by drawing. I draw instinctually with a diverse range of techniques and materials in a relatively impulsive way. I am interested in the integrity and spontaneity of the materials I use and the things I draw. ‘Aliveness’, really, is what I respond to and what inspires me and inspiration can come from some surprisingly ordinary places!”

Sydney-born, Brisbane-based, Something In Nothing In Particular is Donna’s first Melbourne exhibition after more than 20 years of exhibiting. Awards include the 2008 Wilston Art Show Prize for Contemporary Art and the 2007 Mitchell Landmark Art Prize, as well as a finalist in the 2009 Warwick Art Prize, the 2009 Figuratively Speaking portrait award and the 2008 Stanthorpe Art Prize.

Roy Wilkins

“Born in Greenwich, South East London, I settled in Melbourne in 1999 and began painting the same year. I am largely self-taught with a lifelong passion for art and art history.

The motivation for painting comes from feelings and my reactions to music stimulae, usually repetitive electronic music. The images are emotional landscapes in a spontaneous abstract expressionist style. The subject matter is derived from tribal masks and incorporates abstracted iconography.

Images are created by experimentation with acrylics, ink, salt, drawing, collage, stencilling and spray paint. This is applied in layers of patterns, shapes, lines and colour. They are reworked and layered until satisfying results are revealed.

Artists who have inspired me include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ian Fairweather, Jean De Buffet, Sidney Nolan and Paul Klee.”

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