The First Hypothesis

Luise Adams

Galleries 1 & 2

13 November - 1 December 2013

Opening Wednesday 13 November, 6.30-8pm

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Luise is a Melbourne-based textile designer and artist. Her work explores themes of storytelling and memory and is informed by patterning methodology derived from her formal training as a textile designer. As a result, she considers the value of preserving the evidence of the ‘handmade’ in her work. By working across the digital and analogue processes, Luise blurs and questions the boundaries of high and low art, the ‘hand-made’ and digital, mass and bespoke.

The First Hypothesis presents hand-painted gouaches on paper that are reinterpretations of Luise’s digital gift card designs.

The creation and dissemination of ephemera (gift cards) has been a part of Luise’s design practice for a number of years. Ephemera is ever present in our lives and is seen as expendable and fleeting. Metaphorically, it points to the transient nature of life; that we all become dust and have limited time. In this exhibition, the act of elevating a card design to a fine art piece offers an opportunity to give the image (and perhaps us) a longer life – a valued thing that will be kept, rather than discarded.

The contention is that evidence of the ‘hand’ in artwork changes how the work is viewed, as does the context in which it sits. Digitally created gift card designs are considered as low status craft objects. They are ephemera; disposable. Taking these images and re-translating them into framed meticulous hand-painted artworks and by placing them into a gallery space transforms them into high status objects.

Does this invoke a consideration of what is valuable? While we might delight in receiving a card, a carrier of love and good will, we let it slip from our hands. It has intrinsic value, but is not deemed valuable. Investing in an artwork is seen as a longer-term contract; something that has both intrinsic value and is deemed to be valuable. (Dewey, J. Democracy and Education)