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Space Cadet

Kristen Solury

Wednesday 21 November - Sunday 16 December 2018

Opening Wednesday 21 November, 6.30-8pm

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I was born in Washington DC in 1974. At the age of 20, I moved to New York City where I attended the Pratt Institute where I studied architecture and construction management, but took all my electives in art and political sciences. I came to Australia in 2005.

In my day, we were conditioned to believe that art was a 'hobby' to do in your spare time. So, I worked in construction for nearly 20 years before my husband encouraged me to quit and focus on my art, full-time.

When I was younger, school museum visits and classes always covered the old masters and largely ignored the modern artists. Over the years, I explored on my own and developed a strong passion for mid-century modern and abstract art. In the past, I was all about realism and hyper detail but I’ve since learned to let go of that and work in a more abstract, expressive fashion. I prefer to let a viewer make up their own story about a piece, rather than tell them what to think.

It’s a scary prospect to quit a high paying job to do this, but the response I’ve been getting from people on what I’m doing has really encouraged me to push it further. I sold the first two pieces I put into group shows before the opening events and now have my first ever solo show at Tacit. And I’m certainly a lot happier for it. I want to make this my career.

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