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Eureka (Michael James O'Hanlon)

Queering the Dome of Heaven

Wednesday 22 January - Sunday 2 February 2020

Opening Wednesday 22 January, 6.30-8pm
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International queer artist Eureka is back at Midsumma to share his queer exploration of the male portrait and of the spiritual traditions of eastern and central Europe. His models include brave queer men who took risks to sit for his photography and drawings

As he spent time this summer drawing churches and mosques in Greece Slovakia Poland Germany Georgia and Turkey but also uncomfortably aware that most religions in the region do not accept queer men, Eureka began to ask “Who is included under the Dome of Heaven? The exhibition comprises photographs and drawings in response to this question. Expect to see something different, be prepared for proud male nudity.

Eureka (Michael James O’Hanlon) is an artist and queer activist who has completed artists’ residencies in Berlin in 2014, Venice in 2016, USA in 2017, Spain in 2018 and Greece in 2019.

QUOTE: “I use artmaking to come out as a gay man, a continuing process to counter the assumptions of everyday life.
As a queer artist my mission is to find and expose those things hidden in plain sight for example the homoeroticism in much Christian art. In the world I am creating with queer men we proudly claim our place Under the Dome of Heaven."


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