Anna Caione

"The word strato (layer or coating in Italian) reflects my personal approach to abstraction, influenced by the intricate complexities and layers of my Italian heritage.

The artwork revolves around philosophical and poetic associations, utilising a neutral monochromatic palette. I frequently incorporate pure powdered pigment and the colour white to create soft, tactile surfaces. These surfaces are neither a hue nor tone, nor are they neutral or colourful. I am intrigued by the concept of nothingness or the void that these hues can represent. To me, they reflect a moment of silence, an end, or inner harmony.

My objective is to establish a visual dialogue between the artist, artwork and viewer. The textured manipulation and layering of the surface reveal the raw materials used, uncovering the artwork's sub-surface palimpsest and subconscious narrative. The artwork serves as a means of exploration through the creative process, allowing the viewer to conceive an intangible atmosphere conveyed within the work."

Anna Caione, March 2023

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Exhibitions at Tacit include

2023 Strato

Recent exhibitions include

2023 Strato, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2021 Strato, Five Walls, Melbourne 
White on White, WestEnd Art Space, Melbourne 
2018 GESTO, WestEnd Art Space, Melbourne
2016 Disporre, Langford120, Melbourne
2013 Intreccio, Catherine Asquith Gallery, Melbourne 
2011 Tessuti, Catherine Asquith Gallery, Melbourne
2008 Ingresso, Gallery 101, Melbourne
2004 Polverė, Gallery 101, Melbourne
2003 New Work, Span Galleries, Melbourne

2023 SUBSTRATE 23, Tacit Art, Melbourne
Feel Good Art Prize, Quadrant Gallery, Melbourne
ABSTRACTI♀︎N, Five Walls, Melbourne
Abstraction Attraction, Gallery Elysium, Melbourne
Of Colour and Light, WestEnd Art Space, Melbourne
In Parallel, Museo Italiano, Melbourne 
Parallel Visions, Town Hall Gallery, Melbourne
My Arts My Culture, Town Hall Gallery, Melbourne
International Biennale of Non-Objective Art (online) 
Parallel Visions, Museo Italiano, Melbourne
2020 #Abstraction, 4/3 Electra Street, Bundaberg Queensland
2019 Friends and Family, Daine Singer Gallery, Melbourne
Abstract Salon, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne 
Poetic Symbol: WestEnd Art Space, Melbourne
2018 Of Colour and Light, WestEnd Art Space, Melbourne
Edge, Langford120, Melbourne
2016 The Art and Science of Communication in Multicultural Victoria, Poloron, Immigration Museum, Melbourne
What Happened At the Pier, Museo Italiano, Melbourne
2015 Imago Mundi Project, Luciano Benetton Collection, Milan, Italy
2013 Process/Presence - Processo/Presenza, Museo Italiano, Melbourne
2012 Group exhibition, Yering Station, Yarra Glen
2011 Pinoteca, presso, il Castello di Palena, Abruzzo, Italy
2006 White Out, Span Galleries, Melbourne
White Out, Switchback Gallery, Churchill, Victoria
RG McGivern Art Prize Exhibition, Maroondah Art Gallery, Ringwood
John Leslie Art Prize Exhibition, Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale
The Art Show, Gallery 101, Melbourne
2005 White Out, Span Galleries, Melbourne
White OutMaroondah Art Gallery, Ringwood
SBS Federation Square Art Award, Immigration Museum, Melbourne
2004 The Melbourne Art Fair
GeNova ’04: Arte Di Ritorno, EuroCultural Festival, Genoa, Italy
Via-Vai, Counihan Gallery, Melbourne
SBS Federation Square Art Award, Manningham Gallery, Melbourne
SBS Federation Square Art Award, Horsham Regional Gallery
John Leslie Art Prize Exhibition, Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale
Art Award, Metro 5 Galleries, Melbourne
Abstraction/Asttrato, Palazzo Cisterna, Turin, Italy
2003 Movimento Rapido, Steps Gallery, Melbourne
Seeing Red, Maroondah Gallery, Ringwood
Via Vai Arte in Valigi, Museo Castello Ducale, L’Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy
Women-Donne-Via by Italia-Australia, Counihan Gallery, Melbourne
Seta, Royal Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne
Rosso, Yering Station Gallery, Yarra Glen      
Women’s Salon, Counihan Gallery, Melbourne