Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor continues and extends many years of exploration of aerial landscape; its features across deep time and our relationship to these elements.Her paintings continue the focus on beauty of the landscape and contained within the sense of endless time preceding and following the moments in which the images are captured on canvas. Many of these latest works depict the ebb and flow of water into the mud flats of Broome, the gradual and inevitable layering of sediment, sand, earth and foliage across vast time.

However, beneath the surface of other works is another layer, a sense of deep foreboding. Now these paintings contain the ominous sense that time is shortening for these sacred places, as politicians, mining interests and developers seek to exploit them for short term gain. Within the immeasurable preceding millennia we are merely a nano second, yet these places could be gone for all time to follow.

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Recent exhibitions include
2020 We Are Nature, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2018
Save Me, fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne 2015 Flight From Silence, fortyfivedownstairs 2014 Alluvial, Tacit Contemporary, Melbourne; Home Sweet Home, Sinclair Gallery, Geelong 2013 Home Sweet Home, Tacit Contemporary 2012 Earthworks, Brunswick Art Space, Melbourne 2008 Deception, Bus Gallery, Melbourne 2003 Sacredness, Fitzroy Gallery, Melbourne

2020 20[2020], Tacit Galleries, MelbourneHere, fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne 2019 Changed Forever - Legacies of Conflict, Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne 2018 From War 22, Parliament House, Canberra 2017 Panorama, Tacit Contemporary, Melbourne; 45 at 45, fortyfivedownstairs 2015 Intersection: The Art of Motherhood, Red Gallery, Melbourne; Past, Present, Future, Amnesty International, The Workers Club, Melbourne; Off the Wall, Tacit Contemporary 2012 Belle Arti Prize, Chapman & Bailey, Melbourne 2011 Belle Arti Prize, Melbourne 2009 ANU Phoenix Spiritual Art Prize, Canberra 2006 Castlemaine Drawing Prize, Castlemaine Festival