Belinda Pringle - 'Scape'

Wednesday 30 October - Sunday 24 November 2019

“My drawings are concerned with process- the act of doing, and the work is the outcome of that process.

I began drawing in the early 1990s. Initially the drawings were created collaboratively through conversations with people. I was the mediator between the spoken and unspoken between my collaborator and I, and at the end of the conversation I would gift the resulting image to my collaborator.

This current series diverges from others as the drawings are the result of an inner conversation, unheard but not unseen, because they document the conversation’s journey. I see the images created through this process already existing on the gesso surface. My drawing conversation starts with what is already there and through it the images are revealed. They can be read as either individual ‘poems’ or the entire series can be received as the corresponding volume.

The function of drawing, like any other language, is to communicate using symbols and a system of choice. The symbols or marks I use arise from my subconscious and perhaps that is why they may possess a dream like quality.”