Bev Plowman - 'Facets of Light'

Wednesday 15 August - Sunday 9 September 2018 

In continuing to work with water and light, Bev Plowman takes an image and breaks it down into random geometric facet shapes whilst carefully placing colours to create a pixelated or distorted view of a pond or place.

Even though the shapes are very angular and geometric, when the shapes and colours are put together in certain ways, these landscapes are still soft and relaxing as different shades and tones nestle next to each other. These landscapes are hybrids but they create a feeling of a place or a pond at different times of the day. As the day progresses the light changes from early white light or soft foggy mornings to bright strong colours, making us more alert. Slowly the colours get more depth and move to more violet and purple in the landscape, slowly our rhythm slows down ready for sleep.

These hybrid landscapes create a bridge between representation and abstraction, the recognisable is filtered and transformed.