Brenda Walsh

From the beginning, in the Western tradition, mankind has assumed for himself a superior position in the world over the landscape and over the ‘lesser’ animals.

The idea of man as a unique and progressive being is a view sanctioned by man-made religious belief systems. This orthodoxy held that it was the nature, the right and mission of ‘civilisation’ to tame and exploit the land and its animals in the name of a specific view of progress. This view has legitimised the destruction of biota over time and through the pressures of human colonisation, generations of industrialisation and resultant global warming, many species are extinct or suffering greatly from human predominance. Brenda Walsh subverts the historical order of things. Using both old and contemporary allegorical elements and the intimate form of religious icons, she creates a world where both animals and humanity inhabit a dystopian landscape choked with man-made pollution and impacted by global warming.

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Recent exhibitions include
2018 The Ark, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne
2014 The Flood, Red Gallery, Melbourne 2011 After the Fall, Red Gallery 2007 Art of the Dog, Castlemaine Art Gallery 2003 Picture This, Conical Gallery, Melbourne 2001 Cods & Robber’s Dogs, Collingwood Gallery, Melbourne

2020 20[2020], Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2018 The Blake Prize, Sydney 2017 All teeth and swagger, Red Gallery, Melbourne; Red Stocking Show, Red Gallery 2016 The Blake Prize, Sydney 2010 Postcard Show, New Linden Art, Melbourne 2009 Belle Arti Prize, Chapman & Bailey, Melbourne; Postcard Show, New Linden Art [Winner] 2008 Postcard Show, New Linden Art