Carl de Jager

Existentialism and eastern philosophy, metaphysics & psychology have all had a great impact on the way Carl de Jager thinks about the external world and which continues to provide him with much of his inspiration.

The artist's work also deals with his very subjective experience of life. When words fail, symbolism and abstraction provide a language to understand and convey often complex feelings and emotions.

Born and raised in South Africa, de Jager has spent many years living in the UK, Spain and Australia, all of which he sees as home. In 2015, he left a career in software development in Melbourne to study classical drawing and painting at the Barcelona Academy of Art. After graduating, de Jager stayed on as a resident artist, teacher and program coordinator. He returned to Australia in early 2020, where he has been learning traditional (and some non-traditional) printmaking techniques and painting as well as exhibiting in Australia for the first time.

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Recent exhibitions include
2020 Disembodied, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2018 Residency, BAA Poblenou, Barcelona

2021 PINK, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne; Together Alone, Hills Hub, Emerald, Vic; Art in the time of Covid-19, Montsalvat, Melbourne; EditionsTacit Galleries 2020 Manlleu Galeria d'Art, Barcelona, Spain 2019 Helado de Vainilla, Wynwood Art Lab, Barcelona 2018 #Futureart, Sala Espronceda, Barcelona