Carrie Pitcher - 'f'

Wednesday 13 November  - Sunday 8 December 2019

f. is an exploration of the female gaze; of feminine dynamism and identity. I see these women as vulnerable yet strong, they are sensual but not sexually subjugated, at once diverse and unanimous. There is an intentional tribal quality to the energetic brushstrokes projected across the women’s faces and bodies, emboldening and war like, yet they are unashamedly exposed. These polarities are echoed technically in the combination of abstract mark making, and the carefully executed portrait, satisfying my desire for both organic gesture and control.

In the absence of the ubiquitous male gaze, a more intimate and emotional tone is accessible. I aim to empathise rather than objectify. I see something of myself in each woman that sits for me. With each expression and composition, chosen through aesthetic intuition, I am gaining not only self expression and knowledge of the self, but a deeper understanding of the collective feminine identity.