Cate Blackmore - 'Landscapes of Memory & Imagination'

Wednesday 5 - Saturday 22 October 2022

Click here for artwork by Cate Blackmore 

A subdued palette, a recurring imagery of solidity and permanence, Landscapes of Memory & Imagination is Cate Blackmore’s creative response to the last several years of uncertainty.

A former (until recently) resident of southern Tasmania, Blackmore moved from the rugged, isolated beauty of the island to South Australia. An artist who responds to the natural world around her, she found herself without a place to call home for nearly two years until a spot beckoned on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Now ensconced in her own studio, Blackmore, now able to find creative time for herself, looked to memories and a great deal of imagination to create the work featured in this exhibition.  

The fractured wilds of south-west Tasmania, the arid vastness of the Flinders Ranges provide fragmentary moments of resilience and stability in a period of upheaval. Inspirational in its awe-inspiring beauty, such natural environments provide a myriad of possibilities and potential. Removed temporarily from such intensity, dealing with mundane practicalities of building a home and studio, Blackmore drew on her experiential memory in that search for beauty and stability.