Celia Bridle

Celia Bridle’s imagery continues her interest in the interplay between her drawing and painting and contemporary media, in particular, digital printing.

Bridle’s drawing style embodies many influences, including the historical yet enduring art form of engraving-style drawing. Developed principally for the engraving and printing process, the strength of this technique lies in manipulating line to give texture to the surface of artwork. This rare technique is still taught in certain settings and Bridle studied with professional engravers in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Fluidity and movement are generated by the linear nature of Bridle’s imagery, where sweeping lines combine to suggest a surface surging with energy. Readings of movement, delicacy, and intricacy are heightened by the cumulative effect of subtle textural detail. Flowing linear patterns, streams of light and swirling rhythms express an ordered yet mobile, surprising and intriguing profusion.

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Recent exhibitions include
2021 Linear Evocation, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2019 Vibrant Sweep, Tacit Galleries 2018 Linear Continuity, Tacit Galleries 2016 Careful Profusion, Montsalvat, Melbourne

2020 20[2020], Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2017 In conversation, Red Gallery, Melbourne 2016 National Library of Singapore 2015 Together, fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne