Christine Gibbs - 'Isolated'

Wednesday 3 - Sunday 21 December 2014


Click here for artwork by Christine Gibbs

Isolated explores the themes of fragility and vulnerability through Christine Gibbs' continued love for the natural environment.

Gibbs has a strong and enduring connection to significance of these areas. Of particular concern is the impact of human intervention on the environment. What will be our legacy to future generations? The paintings in Isolated were inspired by the remote vast landscape of the Pilbara with its vibrant colour and light, such as the rich red ochres (known as pindan) of Cape Leveque  through to the cobalt teal hues of the sky. Texture and form - both structured and free flowing are integral to Gibbs' work. 

The nebulous quality of the ever changing sky is the inspiration for the series of photographs included in the exhibition - the constantly changing cloud formations; what lies beyond and what lies beneath.