David Gatiss

“Density of darkness. My favourite hour, that ambiguous pause between darkness and dawn when you sense the imminence of light.”

David Gatiss 2018

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Exhibitions at Tacit include

2018 Density of DarknessTacit Galleries, Melbourne 


Recent exhibitions include
CorrespondenceTacit Galleries, Melbourne
2018 Density of DarknessTacit Galleries, Melbourne 
2008 Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne 

2022 SUBSTRATE 22, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne
Scintilla, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne
2020 20[2020], Tacit Galleries, Melbourne
2019 Draw, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne

2017 Deakin Art Gallery, Melbourne 
2016 Caves, Switchback Gallery, Churchill
2015 Tarp Gallery, Illara Waterhole, Northern Territory 
2014 3 Into 2, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
Gatiss, Gore & McKenzie, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2012 Tarp Gallery, Illara Waterhole 
2011 Selected Sites, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2010 Gatiss & Kent, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
Tarp Gallery, Finlay River, Northern Territory
2007 Geelong Art Gallery
Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Melbourne
Tarp Gallery, Ruby Gap, Northern Territory 
2005 Tarp Gallery, Ross River, Northern Territory
2004 Port Jackson Press, Melbourne