David Glenister - 'Kilsyth: Works on Paper'

Wednesday 7 March - Sunday 8 April 2018

Kilsyth: Works on Paper is an exhibition celebrating Glenister’s art practice where, through mainly beginning from simple observation, often as not then moves into something of a hybrid: recognisable imagery along with more abstract areas with a focus on colouration.

Essentially a colourist, Glenister filters - through a cluster of major and minor influences such as Bonnard, Giacometti, Auerbach, Stuart Davis, Grace Cossington-Smith: through shifting weather and light: through vagaries of mood and experience: through dissatisfaction and occasionally ineptitude, simply because the objective is not working.

Kilsyth: Works on Paper is Glenister’s homage to his suburb having, in previous exhibitions, celebrated Preston, Lilydale and Blackburn. For this exhibition, he has chosen to work exclusively on paper and work only with gouache - a more immediate medium than his usual oils on canvas. Painted further east than previous works, the light is clearer and more fulsome, purer and more subtle.