David Lee Pereira

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David Lee Pereira’s practice is primarily based in drawing and painting as a studio artist and a mural artist. He has exhibited in solo and group shows and has worked on rural art installations publicly and privately on walls mainly through Melbourne, Sydney and Berlin. 

His work is melancholic, emotive and sensual, alluding to his sexuality and identity as an Eurasian queer exploring the natural and incorporeal world with addled eyes.

Recent exhibitions include
2020 florum sexuality, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2019 pfosphene, Tacit Galleries 2018 Snake Skin, Off the Kerb Gallery, Melbourne 2017 Lacrima, Off the Kerb Gallery 2015 Etiam, Off the Kerb Gallery

TACIT Still Life Prize, Tacit Galleries, MelbourneSmall Works, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne; Twenty twenty six Gallery, Sydney; Group, Antler Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA  2020 Small Works, Beinart Gallery; 20[2020], Tacit Galleries; Urban Art Festival, The Facility, Melbourne 2019 PINK, Tacit Galleries; Polari, Trocadero Artspace, Melbourne 2018 The Company of Men, Tacit Galleries 2017 YouthOff the Kerb Gallery, Melbourne 2016 Red Meet, Off the Kerb Gallery 2015 Christmas Show, Off the Kerb Gallery; Arcadia, Off the Kerb Gallery 2014 CREATurE, Off the Kerb Gallery; Group, Artboy, Melbourne 2013 Men With Beards, Off the Kerb Gallery