David Lee Pereira - 'florum sexuality'

Wednesday 22 January - Sunday 2 February 2020

Midsumma Festival 2020

For many thousands of years, our culture and our religions have diminished our relationship with ourselves. For generations, we have been handed down a distorted, imbalanced and a corrupt version of the way we perceive and the ownership of our own bodies, of our lives and of our sexuality. Our history of oppression is traced back to early christian teachers and the rise of patriarchy: Augustine Christian’s doctrine of Original sin tells us that humans are flawed by design, born sinful, with a built-in urge to do ‘bad things’ and to disobey God.

Such doctrine is revered to this day by the Catholic Church and has been effective at instilling us with shame. The bible gives us flawed examples of female representation: we hold Mary on a pedestal as an impossible archetype for woman as the ‘virgin mother’; Mary Magdalene who was shamed and stoned for her sexual habits; and Eve, who is blamed for humanity’s exile from the garden of Eden for thinking for herself and seeking knowledge by eating an apple.

The damage of oppression has led to people who take multiple partners, gay men, lesbians, bi, trans and sexually liberated and powerful women being ostracised, institutionalised, incarcerated, tortured and killed.

The sex positive movement is an open invitation for you to reconnect with yourself, connecting the conscious mind to the physical body and the spirit which will allow your body to bloom. This is an invitation to create a divine relationship with your self. When a person awakens their sexual essence, their whole body radiates.