David Lee Pereira - 'pfosphene'

Wednesday 26 June - Sunday 21 July 2019

Phosphene: the phenomena of seeing visual light and colours which do not exist. This collection presents a veneer of reality perceived through Pereira’s eyes; his canvases are windows into a parallel world, one that is affected by melancholia, a course of exploration into his sexuality, identity and curiosity of the natural and ephemeral world.

Whirlpool: a situation in which you lose control of what is happening, causing discomfort, a traumatic disturbance resulting in a drastic change. Vanga stated that the whirlpool or swirl can be a symbol of energy and force in reality, a threat of an impending shift, a force pulling you into the unknown, a surrender of the physical, mental, spiritual and sexual body which in turn results in the freedom of ‘self’.

Pupa: desires of different kinds, always exist in our being until the last stage of enlightenment. Pfosphene is a reflection of a state of transition. I am a larvae searching for the sustenance I need to prepare myself for my metamorphosis, stuck in a state of ego, lusting for a release of suffering, which can never result in enlightenment. Lost within an endless circle of transition… a forever pupa.