Diana Yong - 'Mandala'

Wednesday 1 - Sunday 26 August 2018 

“Seven years ago my husband had an injury that left him with a chronic disability. With that event, life for us was thrown off course. Having to suddenly become a carer and sole breadwinner meant that options are very limited. Depression sets in when your hopes and dreams are torn up.

This project stemmed from a picture I’ve stumbled on. It was a Tibetan Buddhist Mandala. It was an answer to coping with our melancholy. I needed to explore its significance, both in religious and therapeutic purposes. Elements are drawn from theories by Carl Jung and the works of Seraphine Louis du Senlis, in which I used photo composites of the natural environment to convey states of the mind. I hope through these series it will open up the conversation about depression and leave you with more understanding.”

Diana Yong, July 2018