Dianne Coulter

Dianne Coulter has an art practice spanning four decades. Her work is not simply the interests and eyes of an individual creator, but also a retro-perspective of looking back into history. Coulter's work hearkens to classical beauty, to ancient civilisations and to the timelessness of the land itself. Journeying through an exhibition or her studio in regional Victoria involves engaging with spaces that elude to a museum collection of ancient artefacts, an enclave of reverence to sacred beauty, a rogues gallery of satirical characters straight from the stage or the running of our country and the deeper spiritual hum of the great southern land which is our home. It is the place where classical beauty meets the materials of the earth.

Coulter’s work reveals a haptic pleasure in the sensual delight of touch and the manipulation of materials and textures under the hand: from the silky smooth polish of the buffed ceramic flesh to the textural clay of hair squeezed and pushed between fingertips. Lines are scratched and decoration gouged with hand tools and sand furrows march across the surface of two dimensional panels. Tactility abounds in the totemic abstract forms, the vessels and in the figurative pieces alike. Abstract ceramic pieces and wall pieces remind us constantly of the land, its colour and the layers of markings from the course of human history upon its ageless surface. The figurative inhabitants gesture and question the viewer into many different dialogues about how we view and treat each other and our shared home. There is a great deal to ponder about the process of looking back, looking deeper and finding the threads that bind us all together in relationship.

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Recent exhibitions include
2019 Retrospective, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2017 Organic Sculptural Forms & Earth Paintings, Langford 120, Melbourne 2016 Organic Sculptural Forms & Earth Paintings, The Art Vault, Mildura 2014 Open Studio, Daylesford & Macedon Studios 2006 Earth, Lauraine Diggins Gallery, Melbourne 2005 Earth, Art Gallery of Ballarat 2003 Dianne CoulterArt Gallery of Ballarat 


2017 The Nude, Manning Regional Gallery, NSW  2016 Palmer Sculpture Biennale, South Australia 2014 The Object Divine, Lauraine Diggins Gallery, Melbourne 2013 Clunes Ceramic Award Exhibition 2011 Elements Within Sculpture, Lauraine Diggins Gallery 2009 Toyota Sculpture Show, Melbourne; The Blake Prize, Sydney [Human Justice Award]; Ararat Regional Gallery 2007 Contempora, Melbourne; 2006 Toorak Sculpture Award Exhibition, Melbourne [2nd Place]; Montalto Sculpture Prize, Red Hill