Elizabeth Tarrant - 'Life of Trees'

Wednesday 1 - Sunday 26 May 2019


Click here for artwork by Elizabeth Tarrant

Plant a tiny seed, the seed of an idea. Paint a little tree and watch it grow from just itself to a small woodland. Observe as they evolve into a forest, a forest of vibrant colour. Construct them out of wire or wool and incorporate fur and paper clips. Visit them daily to let them speak to you. This is Elizabeth Tarrant’s whimsical forest of our times.

Life of Trees: a forest for the anthropocene is an ambitious project with more than 280 panels (and growing). Tarrant uses it as a vehicle to explore and extend the creative possibilities of the single motif. In addition, it draws attention to the beautiful potential of using recycled materials in ways that are humorous and thought provoking. Layered throughout the iterations of the tree are many references to art history and to the condition of being human, as well as a sharp reminder that we face a world where life is choking under waste. One artwork per studio day over the last two or so years - and more to come! Tarrant will produce one work per day over the course of the exhibitiion. Each work will be added to the works already exhibited, bringing the total number of works to more than 300. Whether it is a painting, a drawing, made from fabric, inspired by a particular artist or art movement remains to be seen.