Eugene von Nagy - 'Painting IRL'

Wednesday 26 September  - Sunday 21 October 2018

"My painting philosophy reflects my overall life philosophy, I’m very concerned about rampant consumerism and waste destroying our planet and quality of life. My work is about slowing down and quietly looking purposefully. I’m meditating on the beauty of light and colour, objects and places. The simple act of looking mindfully, connects us to the world and the things in it.

Everyone seems to be in a mad rush to get ahead, but we need to slow down sometimes and practice some quiet contemplation for a healthy mind and body. Technology drives us ever more rapidly along the road of excess and waste. We spend too much time plugged into devices. I use traditional hand painting methods, working directly from life observation, to make a statement against consumerism. It’s a form of visual mindfulness, that’s what I’m doing when I make it and I hope that translates to viewers spending a little quiet stillness looking at my records."