Fabian Cordero - 'Poetic Poiesis'

Wednesday 7 March - Sunday 8 April 2018

“Poiesis is the activity in which a person brings something into being that did not exist before. Poetry is a manifestation of this internal human creative impulse, of the poiesis inherent to human beings in its aesthetic form. It is in the poetic expression of this poiesis that the subtle experience of awareness of the relation between life and the self emerges.

From this point of view, the photographs that compose Poetic Poiesis are experiences and expression of a poetic state of mind and its revelations. Like poems, these photographic creations are representations of this experience. Poetic Poiesis present instants where, within the flow of every day common life and its situations, life and the self are experienced and transformed. These captured moments of poetic consciousness expose the subtleties inherent to this sort of experience. Each piece is a poem created with, and inspired by, these ephemeral events that, captured with the utmost faithfulness to their colours, reveal another facet of the elements of our surroundings, being of nature or human creation.

The same as in poetry, where language is used for its aesthetic qualities in addition to, or instead of, its apparent meaning; the photographs presented in Poetic Poiesis register instants where, by the effect of light and its reverberation on matter, the ordinary is transformed and become the material for poetic creation. It is in the here and now, in paying detailed attention to the changes occurring every moment, where the author’s awareness of a poetic poiesis emerges. These revelations emanate from a dialogue, almost a love affair, with the marvelous simplicity of ordinary life experiences, of a sunset, of the bark of a tree, of the sky beyond a wall, of the forest’s floor.”

Fabian Cordero, March 2018