Gloria Stern

The work of Gloria Stern crosses easily between figuration and abstraction, depending upon her preoccupation at the time of its making. Sometimes abstraction and figuration are brought together within a single work, as in a series of pictures she made using a combination of painted areas and collaged elements.

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Recent exhibitions include
2019 Altered Space, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2016 Exploration, Tacit Contemporary, Melbourne 2015 Point of View, Tacit Contemporary 2013 The Viewer, Artman Gallery, Melbourne 2012 Metropolis, Artman Gallery 2007 Human Landscape, Gallery 101, Melbourne 2006 Impression of Yemen, Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery, Melbourne 2005 Inner City Living, Gallery 101 2003 Moments in Time, Gallery 101

2015 Place, Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery, Melbourne; Portrait Prize, Cambridge Studio Gallery, Melbourne 2014 Lethbridge 10,000 Prize, Brisbane; Act of Seeing, Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery; Four Rooms, Cambridge Studio Gallery 2013 Marker, Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery; Group, Artman Gallery, Melbourne 2012 She, Walker St Gallery, Dandenong; Lethbridge 10,000 Prize, Brisbane; Group, Artman Gallery 2011 Calleen Art Award, Cowra Regional Art Gallery, NSW; Director's Choice, Artman Gallery 2010 Calleen Art Award, Cowra [Highly Commended]; Postcard Show, New Linden Art, Melbourne 2009 Williamstown Contemporary Art Prize, Melbourne; Mount Buller Art Prize 2008 Conceit, Corongamarah Art Prize, Red Rock Regional Art Gallery, Cororooke; Stanhope Art Prize, Queensland; Williamstown Contemporary Art Prize, Melbourne 2007 Postcard Show, New Linden Art 2006 Affordable, Gallery 101, Melbourne; Clubhouse, Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery 2005 Walkom Art Prize, Manning Regional Gallery, NSW; Tattersall's Contemporary Art Prize, Williamstown Festival, Melbourne 2004 She, Walker St Gallery; Wyndham Art Prize, Melbourne 2003 Wyndham Art Prize, Melbourne