Gloria Stern - 'Altered Space'

Wednesday 30 October - Sunday 24 November 2019


“Space is an element that humans use to systematically frame all experiences in life. In my abstract work, I have attempted to explore reality and space as we know it. My process involves the alteration and rearrangement of shapes, colour, pattern, balance and harmony to create an invented space, thus, allowing a more personal and intuitive vision to emerge.

It has not been possible to divorce myself totally from my existing environment, hence, the work still makes many references to the sea, the countryside, people and the built world. These fragments of emerging reality often suggest a non specific narrative or underlying theme, however, this is purely incidental rather than a preconceived idea.

I have found that by constantly rotating my paintings as I work on them, I can disconnect from the desire to turn the painting into a narrative and return to the process of a more intuitive abstraction, with a fresh eye.”