Heather Wood - 'Cool Waters - Top End'

Wednesday 1 - Sunday 26 August 2018 

"Water is life.

Travelling through the outback and across the north of Australia, ‘water is life’ is such an obvious truism. It is breathtaking to move through this arid desolate landscape and then come upon a billabong or gorge with its verdant vegetation and wildlife. But always in the heat of the day there is a stillness, a catching of breath, a feeling there is something else that you can’t quite grasp.

By contrast, the Kimberley coast is one of big rivers, huge waterfalls, mangroves and massive tides that govern the environment. Yet this beautiful place is so hostile to human activity it has remained virtually untouched, with the exception of aboriginal artists.

My work aims to reflect some of this stillness, some of this remoteness, this ‘other world’ that is so foreign to our busy lives."

Heather Wood, July 2018