Helen Edwards - 'Transience'

Wednesday 26 June - Sunday 21 July 2019

In this body of work, Helen Edwards seeks to express the beauty, fragility and impermanence of life. Essentially, this exhibition is a bringing together in painting and sculpture of many strands of experiences and events both private and universal which have impacted on her as a woman.

All the subjects for the painted/drawn works were sourced directly from a series of recent life-drawing sessions with a variety of models. These works explore moods and moments of the human condition. Combining her two loves of drawing and painting in each work is an approach which Edwards finds particularly satisfying.

For the assemblage sculptures, Edwards searches for and collects appealing discrete objects from markets and second hand shops. Reaching back into childhood, playing with and manipulating the materials she then re-assembles to create something completely new.

During this process, I experience the familiar and meditative joy of simply making something. However, I have learned to trust and anticipate that the completed work will reveal itself as relevant and powerful expression of a personal experience. This can be quite an emotional outcome for me. My creativity always lies more in the organic development of the artwork than having an awareness of an end result. Helen Edwards, 2019