Jackie Moss - 'Native Instincts'

 Wednesday 13 September - Sunday 1 October 2017


“Having loved drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, I find myself instinctively drawn towards interesting foliage, leaves, organic shapes and contrasts found in my surroundings. I enjoy enhancing natures colours by infusing my artwork with bold, vibrant and deliberate marks, while simultaneously striving to maintain delicacy and gestural form. The seasons too, continue to influence my interpretations of flowers and fruits. 

My interest in exaggerating ordinary subjects into a larger scale comes from a desire to connect others with the ‘extraordinary’ perspective - by emphasising the unique textural qualities and characteristics. 

I find inspiration in celebrating the overlooked compositions, patterns and forms of ‘the everyday’. Observing beautiful leaves trodden underfoot, shells and tiles; searching for interesting shapes, reflections, details and surprising colour combinations in both my exterior and interior environments. Images of stillness and solitude found within both the natural and human world are also themes I intuitively explore in my arts practice, through painting, drawing and personal photography.”