Jenani Therone

Therone works with her subject in an intuitive process that embraces freedom and the organic development of the image. She endeavours to push the boundaries of what her camera can do and plays with elements of relative focus, allowing forms to meld in and out amidst the colour blur. Colours and structure  determine selection and she allows the illumination and camera to paint the images with light. Therone can spend days with lenses and lighting until a feeling starts to grow. Each limited edition print is painstakingly constructed in a multilayered analogue process that the artist has developed. This delivers a vibrant richness of colour and significantly contributes to the resonance of each piece: any editing is kept to a minimum - to enhance colours a little without changing what has been captured. To print, the artist searches through many papers, experimenting to compliment the vision in order to achieve the desired separations of the fiery tones.  

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Recent exhibitions include
2021 Passion at HeartTacit Galleries, Melbourne  2020 Land is Family, Campaspe Regional Library, Echuca 2019 Land is Family, Swan Hill Regional Library; Land is Family, The Stick Shed, Murtoa 2018 A Closer Look, The Country Club, Launceston

2021 TACIT Still Life Prize, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2020 20[2020], Tacit Galleries