Jennifer Plunkett - 'Coastal Shapes & Colours'

Wednesday 21 November - Sunday 16 December 2018


"My work represents two parallel streams of thought where all my initial ideas are set down into loosely figurative impressions of my surroundings. From there, I work on a continuation of the same idea but the rendering of light and atmosphere moves much further into a colour abstraction of shapes and symbols. They still have the essence of the things seen but are simplified into broader shapes broken up with elements of drawing. And it is this latter group of works that form the exhibition Coastal Shapes & Colours.

These paintings are a further exploration from earlier work into the way I see light as it is affected by ongoing seasonal change in a southern coastal environment. By living within this space, I am constantly made aware how much the light varies through the cycle of the seasons and all the subsequent weather variations. The whiteness of a heavy sea mist lying over the town, for example, leaves only an impression of solid forms. Conversely, the brilliance of a summer sun bouncing off hard surfaces can create strong contrasts of white light and blue shade or an all white or cream composition with just the edges of forms apparent through the glare. The cooler months then make for softer muted tones with less contrast, represented in shades of pinks, mauves and apple green."