Joe Blundell

"Someone asked me a while back why I paint such detail in my landscapes. It’s because I’m not really interested in the ‘big vista’ of a scene. I was the kid who always found money by the roadside – not because I’ve got great eyesight, but because I was always looking down: looking closely at the details around me – the ‘moving parts’ of the world. So it is with nature. I like to see the way light hits an individual leaf or a twig rather than study the rolling hills. When I see nature, I see it as a complex entanglement of shapes, patterns and non-patterns. I do not want to summarise it. I do not see a summary. I want to capture all the elements that make it and resolve their contribution to the scene. I want to capture Nature’s moving parts like a collection of abstract components."

Joe Blundell, July 2019

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Recent exhibitions include
Habitats, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2018 Urban Nature, Hawthorn Gallery & Studio, Melbourne 

2020 20[2020] Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2019 Paddington Art Prize, Sydney [Honourable Mention]; Hadley's Art Prize, Hobart; The Affordable Art Fair, Melbourne; Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne [City of Boroondara Prize] 2018 Impressions of Melbourne, Without Pier Gallery, Melbourne; St Kevin's Art Show, Melbourne [People's Choice Award] 2017 Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne [Highly Commended]; Without Pier Gallery, Melbourne 2016 Kennedy Prize, Adelaide