Joel Wolter

"The sense of the precise moment may be the key to what makes these images [by Joel Wolter] compelling. They contain echoes of the awareness of transience, and remind us that it is not just the moment, or the particular, that is passing — But at my back, I always hear Time’s winged chariot, hurrying near. Ultimately, it is us, as much as the moment suggested by the images; in other words, the images reveal something essential to ourselves.”

Dr Colin Holden

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Recent exhibitions include
 Peaks & Alleys, Boom Gallery, Geelong 2013 Stories from the Shore, Geelong Art Gallery 2006 Joel Wolter, Etchings, Brougham Art School & Gallery, Geelong

2020 1.5 Degrees, fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne; Editions, Tacit Galleries 2019 Peebles Print Prize, Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop [Winner]; Geelong Print Award, Geelong Art Gallery; B(g)ravura, Montsalvat, Melbourne 2018 Australian Print Triennial, Mildura; Editions, Tacit Galleries 2017 Canicular Days, Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop; Imaginings, Neospace, Melbourne; Print Council of Australia Print Commission - Collins Place Gallery, Melbourne; Sydney Contemporary; Handmark Gallery, Hobart; Manduring Arts Centre, WA; Geelong Print Award; Editions, Tacit Contemporary, Melbourne; Bellarine Printmakers, Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop 2016 Fremantle Print Award; Corongamorah Art Prize, Red Rock Regional Art Gallery, Cororooke 2015 Rick Amor Print Prize, Montsalvat, Melbourne; Geelong Print Award; Editions, Tacit Contemporary 2012 Beautiful Soup, St Heliers Gallery, Melbourne