Josh Robbins - The Restaurant at the End of the World

Wednesday 15 November - Saturday 2 December 2023 


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This body of work explores the idea of ‘natural abstraction’ and is somewhat of a challenge to the history and contrived nature of still life painting, using the Dutch Masters as it’s point of inspiration. The work looks to ‘undo’ the idea of accuracy and reality in the traditional still life genre through the use of experimental drawing techniques that distort and naturally abstract the content of the still life. Techniques such as blind drawing (not looking at the surface of the work whilst working); people manipulating my body while I draw; disorienting myself whilst drawing; using sticks or drills to hold the pen, pencil or charcoal.

All the works are created from the same still life arrangement further enhancing the individual drawing techniques and allowing each work to express its own individuality, idiosyncrasies and quirks whilst sharing similar physical characteristics.