Keiko Goto

Keiko Goto incorporates an inspiring blend of east and west culture into her striking prints which can be seen in her work as she invites you on a journey back through her rural childhood experiences and love of people and landscapes. This fusion was born of her continuous movement around the globe: Goto has lived in the UK, Russia, Australia (where she currently resides) as well as her native Tokyo.

Her style of photography was developed while studying under Kazuo Kitai, who is renowned for his passion for black and white photography using Leica cameras. This passion was soon shared by Goto, who studied not only photography but also dark room techniques. Goto incorporates these learned techniques into her art practice by predominantly using a 1938 Leica IIIb camera with a Sumicron lens from which she develops her remarkable black and white prints.

More recently, however, she has branched out in her art practice:
I have concentrated on black and white monochrome in the past, but the old analogue printing method of cyanotype really fits these night photography images. Night photography requires its own unique set of techniques from normal photography, not to mention the lonely world of your own in dark and often cold weather. It has, however, attracted me for a long time.

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Exhibitions at Tacit include:

2019 Night Jewels

2017 Infinity

Exhibition history
2022 Bukimi, Tacit Art, Melbourne
Beyond Borders, Roonee 247 Fine Arts, Tokyo
2019 Night JewelsTacit Art, Melbourne 
2018 Zen in 35mm, Tacit Art
2017 Infinity, Tacit Art, Melbourne
Sea of Compatriots, Coal Pit Gallery, Iwaki, Japan 
2016 Beneath the Tranquility, Tacit Art
Queensland Outback, Commonwealth Bank House, Brisbane 
2015 Sakhalin, The Colour Factory, Melbourne
Australian Country Town, Olympus Gallery, Tokyo 
2014 Four Seasons in Sakhalin, 10 x 8 Gallery, Sydney
Four Seasons in Sakhalin, Coal Pit Gallery, Iwaki 
2013 Nogliki (Sakhalin), Olympus Gallery, Tokyo
Grenfell, One One One, Brisbane 
2011 Four Seasons in Sakhalin, Olympus Gallery, Tokyo 
2010 Zima Camp, Sakhalin, Russia

2020 20[2020], Tacit Art, Melbourne 
2019 Lishui Photography Festival, China
ExplorationsRichard Randall Studio, Brisbane
Departure From Reality, Redcliff Art Gallery, Queensland
2018 Group Show, Gold Street Studio Gallery, Melbourne
Beyond Media, Tianjin, China
2017 Soto Zen Festival, Japan [Excellence Award] 
2016 Brisbane Open Photography [3rd Place] 
2014 Launch10 x 8 Gallery, Sydney 
2007 Cafes Throughout the World,  Art Space Motor, Tokyo 
2006 Performers on Charles Bridge,  Art Space Motor