Kristen Haskett

Paintings are there to be experienced, they are events. They are also to be meditated on and to be enjoyed by the senses; to be felt through the eye. John Hoyland (1979)

Sometimes the landscape does not reveal all immediately. It needs time to be observed. It is this felt experience that Kristin Haskett uses to re-imagine the space, both the physical and emotional layers of the landscape.

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Recent exhibitions include
2021 Shaping the Undefined, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2018 Old Ambalindum, Tacit Galleries 2017 Recent Works, Main Ridge Estate, Red Hill 2014 Kristin Haskett, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne 2011 Earth Tide, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery

2017 Pro Hart Outback Prize, Broken Hill Regional Gallery [2nd Place] 2016 School of Clay & Art, Melbourne 2015 Nuance, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne  2014 Reflex, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery 2009 Quiet!, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery