Lisa O'Keefe - 'The Theatre of the Absurd'

Wednesday 10 October  - Sunday 4 November 2018

"Warm, Whimsical and sometimes dark is how I would describe this series. It started as an antidote to the mostly grim news that I would hear and see daily on the news.

I wanted to create figures that were bizarre, disconnected and seemingly nonsensical but which were, nevertheless, connected in their own particular ways and with their own particular stories.

I have always been interested in people, their attitudes and idiosyncricies, their joys and fears, but have rarely wanted to depict them in a straightforward manner. Here, I was definitely leaning towards the bizarre and sometimes, I hope, the humorous. The origins of the figures themselves lie in the past, their execution and reinterpretation are of the present, and with the interplay of line, colour and pattern should lead into something else again in the future."