Liz Millsom - 'Call of the Wild'

Wednesday 30 October - Sunday 24 November 2019

Liz Millsom, Melbourne-based, is an artist concerned about the Australian environment and the ongoing threats to the ecosystem - particularly the majestic and intuitive dingo that has had a bad stigma connected to it. For Millsom, through the ever expanding and exaggerated media world, the dingo has been portrayed as aggressive, harmful and a pest. Whilst true in some circumstances, the many positive traits and stories of the critically endangered species are rarely heard and thus we are unaware the dingo plays an important role in the environment, an Apex predator that keeps systems in balance and provides the survival of natural species. Introduced flora and fauna have placed pressure on Australia’s fragile ecosystem: the only natural and highly sustainable solution to the feral pest problem is the dingo.

Places where the dingo has been removed has seen a decline in our native plants and animals. However, where the dingo has been reintroduced, our native flora and fauna has bounced back as the dingo has protected our natives against feral threats and the overpopulation of large herbivores. The dingo plays a vital part in Australian ecology. It has been the nation’s apex terrestrial predator for up to 20,000 years, its role in biodiversity is irreplaceable.