'Panorama' group exhibition

Wednesday 8 - Sunday 26 November 2017

“Panorama; great familiar swathes of sky above, earth below. 

Nature’s vast beauty surrounds and nurtures us, and as Kir Larwill puts it, connects us, describing her poetic works as: ...layered ‘odes’ to the country-urban landscape I walk through and live amongst; feel so connected to. My big, lovely, familiar, country-town backyard. 

Lisa Sewards’ cloud prints invoke the familiar experienced as we fly through air, space and time on a plane, astonished by the sheer beauty of our world: a sight one can never tire. Soft sky vistas stir memories of hours spent as a child gazing toward the skies in wonder. 

Anna Taylor explores the paradox of the minutiae of landscape replicated from above; within the lightness of air. She documents the exquisite mirroring of detail, pattern and line, finding these echoes reverberate endlessly. 

All three artists are deeply connected to nature, its sheer beauty, and now, each other.