Paul Kathner - 'Lay of the Land'

Wednesday 3 - Sunday 21 August 2016


Lay of the Land is inspired by Paul Kathner’s interest in the changing colour of the sky and how the mood of the sky affects the tonal quality of the landscape.

The form of a particular landscape is re-interpreted in tonality, colour and form, with an attention to draftsmanship and the structure of the landscape which often includes long forgotten buildings.

Kathner trained as an artist and scene designer in Sydney where he painted sets and backdrops for the most significant ballets, operas and musicals in Australia, including designs for independent theatre, the John Arden Company and the Elizabethan Opera Company in the early years of his career.

In 1963, he became resident designer at St Martin’s Theatre in Melbourne and he also designed for the Melbourne Theatre Company, The Australian Ballet, Adelaide Festival and Australian Opera.