Sharman Feinberg - 'At Home' (online exhibition)

Wednesday 6 - Saturday 23 October 2021

Click here for artwork by Sharman Feinberg

A kaleidoscope of colour, a joie de vivre in celebrating the everyday, Sharman Feinberg’s visual grammar is expressive and fluid with her paintings characterised by a reinterpretation of form with multiple perspectives. Featuring tableaux of carefully staged still life arrangements of much-loved objects collected over the years and/or freshly cut produce from her own garden, Feinberg’s work is both deeply personal and recognisably universal.

With her distancing from a traditional perspective and a flatness of solid colours meticulously outlined, calling to mind the stained-glass work of Leonard French and the Great Hall ceiling at the NGV, Feinberg breaks up her visual plain. The result is that the objects themselves become almost abstracted in form, experienced in terms of colour and their associated emotions. As such, this duality of representation, where the objects are simultaneously personalised in their own right and representations of something else, creates a pulse between imagination and reality, construction and feel. Elements of pop art and the suburban domesticity of Howard Arkley with stylised line, colour, pattern and shape emerge.

Keith Lawrence, October 2021