Susan Illingworth

Susan Illingworth's artistic aesthetic is to explore the world of Heritage/ Vintage/ Architecture/Interior Design which is a personal passion; having a theatrical, humorous, mysterious touch to the overall work. Her works are focussed on Pop Surrealism Neo-Victorian/Edwardian with the language being a light version of collage. Themed with backdrops of various gardens from Melbourne (Victoria), Brisbane (Queensland) and regional Victoria.

Her technique is half digital and an overlay of hand painted acrylic on canvas. It combines the texture/colour with a cut and paste effect of found, gathered and photographed objects of desire. Backgrounds are photographed on her mobile phone like a hunter and gatherer then creating an improvised surreal collage scheme which can be of the unexpected in context on canvas.

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Recent exhibitions include
2021 Bright As a ButtonTacit Galleries, Melbourne  2019 Garden of Heavenly DelightsTacit Galleries 2018 Liquid Sirens, Tacit Galleries 2017 Fragments of Wunderkammer, Tacit Contemporary, Melbourne 2016 The Museum of Collage Curiosities, Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne

2020 Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig; 20[2020], Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2018 The Exquisite Palette, St Luke, Melbourne 2016 Red Stocking, Red Gallery, Melbourne; Joined and Jumbled, Beth Hulme Gallery, Melbourne; 40 x 40 Art Prize, Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne 2015 The Rights of Humans in the Digital Age, Brunswick Street Gallery; Places, The Union Hotel, Melbourne; New Surrealisms, Brunswick Street Gallery 2014 40 x 40 Art Prize, Brunswick St Gallery 1997 The New & the Local, Elisabeth Gallery, Sydney; AD Day, AD 163 Gallery, Sydney 1996 Group Exhibition, Hester Gallery, Sydney; The Home Show, Hester Gallery