Susan Illingworth - 'Fragments of Wunderkammer'

Wednesday 2 - Sunday 20 August 2017


"I love exploring the world of Heritage/Vintage/Architecture/Interior design which is a personal interest; having a theatrical, humorous, mysterious touch to the work.

I prefer to keep small in scale to intensify its environment and impact. This 2D work is aesthetically Pop Surrealism Neo-Victorian/Edwardian with the language being a light version of collage. The technique is a half digital and half hand painted acrylic on canvas. It combines the texture/colour with a cut and paste effect of found, gathered and photographed objects of desire. Hand painting is often done with 000 brushes to achieve the fine detail. Backgrounds are photographed on my mobile phone and then creating an improvised Surreal Collage scheme which can be of the unexpected in context on canvas.

Subject content is a Wunderkammer of Curiosities!!"

Susan Illingworth, July 2017