Terri Brooks

Terri Brooks has chosen to construct work using a reduced or minimal palette and brush work. She is interested in duality and uses opposite elements including black - white, dot - line and horizontals - verticals. Line has always mattered and varies by brush weight or pressure, speed and transgressions from the true horizontal and vertical of the picture plain. The meaning of her work lies in the methodology and her choice of materials, particularly evident in the artist's painterly patterning along with the employment of economy and directness intrinsic to the Australian tradition to ‘make do’. Natural environmental processes including weathering, architectural details and ‘found marks’ observed on surfaces in the city also inform the work. Each step of Brooks' painting process is intuitive and repetitive until the work is imbued with a sense of harmony and balance; a striving for ‘nonduality'.

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Recent exhibitions include
Lounge Show, Art Lounge International, Ohio 2019 Following a Path, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne; Line & Weight, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne 2018 Further Afield, Flinders Lane Gallery 2016 PrincipiaFlinders Lane Gallery 2015 It's the Thought That CountsKuntshuis LOOF, Jubbega, Netherlands; Terri Brooks, Aptos Cruz Galleries, Adelaide Hills 2014 Brown & Bone, Flinders Lane Gallery 2013 Over the Edge, Orexart, Auckland, NZ 2012 Echoes of the Land, Aptos Cruz Galleries 2011 Over the Edge, Flinders Lane Gallery 2010 Beyond the Surface, Aptos Cruz Galleries 2009 White Open, Post Office Gallery, Ballarat; New Works, Flinders Lane Gallery 2007 Found Marks, Flinders Lane Gallery 2006 Painting forever and ever—part two, Harris Courtin Gallery, Sydney

2020 20[2020], Tacit Galleries, MelbourneImage_Object, Poimena Gallery, Launceston 2019 Salvaconnome (Saveas), Piscina Comunale, Milan; 30 x 30, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne; Industrial Panorama, Gatakers Art Space, Maryborough; Coterie to Coterie, International Biennale of Reductive and Non Objective Art, Sydney; Third Birthday Exhibition, Cross Gallery, Bundaberg; Breathe, Museum St Wendel, Germany; New Modern, Five Walls, Melbourne; Colour/Field 2, Cross Gallery, Bundaberg; Colour/Field 1, Gatakers Art Space, Maryborough 2018 Of Colour & Light, WestEnd Art Space, Melbourne; Relic and other stories, Byron Bay School of Art Project Space; The History Files, Piscina Comunale; The Exquisite Palette, St Luke, Melbourne; Small Works - A Survey, Red Rock Regional Gallery, Cororooke 2017 Land/Line/Sea, Artlacuna, London; Kosmos, Kunsthuis LOOF: Shades of Grey, Tacit Galleries; This MattersKunsthuis LOOF; Painting, Installations, Objects, Galleria Kierat, Szczecin, Poland; Timelines, Boekercontemporary, Heidelberg, Germany; Gloss over Rawness, WestEnd Art Space; Rotterdam Contemporary 2016 Of Light & Colour, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Melbourne; KunstRAI Amsterdam; Shades of Grey, Tacit Contemporary, Melbourne; Purpuri, Space22, Milan; 35 x 35cm Art Project, The Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens 2015 Direction Now, Caboolture Regional Art Gallery, Qld; Direction Now, Lismore Regional Art Gallery 2014 Nero su bianco, Piscina Comunale; Direction Now, Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery, Melbourne; Melbourne Art Fair; Sedimentation, Linton & Kay Galleries, Perth; Drawing the Line, Chapman & Bailey Gallery, Melbourne; Portrait Show, Flinders Lane Gallery 2013 Five, Form Studio & Gallery, Queanbeyan; Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair; London Art Fair 2012 Triple Happiness, Flinders Lane Gallery; Der glückliche Griff, Kunstsammlung Neubrandenburg, Germany; Covering Ground, Dark Horse Experiment, Melbourne 2011 The River, Bundoora Homestead, Melbourne; Covering Ground, Harris Gallery, University of La Verne, CA; Wet Paint, Flinders Lane Gallery; Distil, Gadfly Gallery, Perth