Terry Beer

“I love to draw and photograph flowers. Up close, even the simplest of flowers is a whole series of amazing shapes and forms. And, when it comes to making them the central subject of my artwork, flowers are the perfect life model in that they know how and when to keep still!

If I had not seen the flower photographs of artists such as Irving Penn, Anne Marie Farley, Ron Van Dongen, Robert Mapplethorpe and Tom Baril, I would have likely drawn these flowers differently. Or I probably would have drawn something else entirely.." Terry Beer, May 2017

But then for good measure, Beer does draw entirely different things.

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Recent exhibitions include
2019 Drawings, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2018 Drawings, Tacit Galleries 2017 Flowers & Water II, Tacit Contemporary, Melbourne 2016 Flowers & Water, Tacit Contemporary 2015 Fruit, Flowers & Reflections, Tacit Contemporary 2003 Drawings, Artholes Gallery, Melbourne 2001 Drawings, Mira Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne

2019 Animalia, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2015 Jacaranda Drawing Prize, Grafton Regional Gallery, NSW 2014 Arc Yinnar Drawing Prize, Victoria 2013 Polish Art Foundation, Melbourne; Religious Art Prize, Chapel on Station Gallery, Melbourne 2011 Polish Art Foundation, Melbourne 2010 Arc Yinnar Drawing Prize