TJ Bateson - 'Iteration Part I'

Wednesday 24 August - Sunday 11 September 2016


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Iteration Part I innovates aesthetic qualities through mechanical processes.

The presence of the machine, an apparatus that utilises mechanical power containing several parts each with a defined function, works together with the artist to perform multiple drawing tasks. Artists' tools are as varied and plentiful as artists themselves and the reasoning behind their usage just as diverse. For me, the attraction to tools was born out of a physical struggle to make art, the result of a temporary disability that introduced a new understanding of the automated/ mechanical mark.

In the creation of the work in this particular exhibition, the machine-generated power transfers force to the paint, hitting the paper and, through gravity, a natural force shapes the 'splat' which in turns forms the drip. Repeated, layer-by-layer, the drawings are formed over time, each layer responding to the last and referring to the presence of the artist over time.